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We focus on providing academically sound, hands-on insights. We enable our network members to implement their learnings immediately, and circle back to the network with new experiences or case studies.

The 3 AMS Learning Networks

  • Wellbeing horizons, ESG and Circular strategies
  • Provide a dynamic and interconnected environment where peer-learning takes place, guided by the cutting-edge expertise of AMS’ dedicated competence centers (powered by UAntwerpen)
  • Take place 4 times a year during after-work sessions
  • Hosted at Antwerp Management School, in the heart of Antwerp, easily reached by public transport
  • Members will receive actionable insights after each session, to help implement learnings in their own organization

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Wellbeing horizons: insights for a thriving tomorrow at work

If you join the AMS Learning Network “Wellbeing Horizons”, you will be given the tools to navigate employee wellbeing in your company, towards the challenges of the 21st century. Our expert Prof. Dr. Kathleen Vangronsvelt will present you with disruptive best practices from organizational and non-organizational contexts.


ESG IMPACT: how to navigate ESG complexity

As a member of the AMS Learning Network “ESG IMPACT”, you will learn from peers and Prof. Dr. Jan Beyne how to navigate ESG complexity, without losing momentum or productivity in your organization.


Circular strategies towards net positive

Become part of the AMS Learning Network “Circular Strategies” to make a difference and find out how you can grow into a net positive organization by navigating circular strategies that help your company become more resilient.


Wellbeing - impact

Wellbeing horizons: 21 insights for a thriving tomorrow at work

Powered by Next Generation Work (prof. Kathleen Vangronsvelt) and Sustainable Transformation competence centers (Kateryna Podkalenko), in cooperation with the University of Antwerp.


The AMS Learning Network Wellbeing horizons will be a catalyst to empower people and organizations to navigate employee wellbeing by taking inspiration from disruptive best practices.


Employee well-being is vital for organizational success as it affects satisfaction, mood, performance, and the relationship between employees and the organization. Despite the growing number of interventions to enhance workplace well-being, many miss their mark, leading to a rise in employees leaving due to mental health issues. This underscores the need to assess existing interventions critically and prioritize evidence-based approaches to improve workplace well-being effectively.

During this learning network, based on the "Wellbeing Works" research, our aim is to comprehend the underlying mechanisms, identify necessary prerequisites, and emphasize the significance of various stakeholders in promoting workplace well-being.

In our exploration, we'll look beyond traditional organizational settings, drawing inspiration from examples like Blue Zones, Malmö's diversity approach, Khan Academy, and Portugal's drug policy,. These examples reflect major shifts in the work landscape too. As we navigate these transitions – addressing respectively longevity, mindful AI, addiction, and diversity - our goal is to illuminate workplace well-being. Join us in deciphering these challenges, extracting insights, and shaping a future where both individuals and workplaces thrive.

Gen Z - ESG - recruitment

ESG IMPACT: how to navigate ESG complexity

Dr. Jan Beyne, prof. Wouter Van Bockhaeven and prof. Robin De Cock, in cooperation with the University of Antwerp


The AMS Learning Network ESG IMPACT will be a leading catalyst to inspire and empower people and organizations to navigate ESG complexity.


Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations are becoming increasingly vital in the corporate world today. A strong ESG proposition can drive value creation in various ways: attracting more customers, cost reductions, productivity uplift, and investment and asset optimization. It therefore makes a lot of sense for companies to invest in a more sustainable operating model.
A lot has been written and launched about ESG, related to the EU Green Deal, the EU Taxonomy, and the CSRD with the European Sustainability Reporting Standards. Together with the AMS partners, we felt that what was missing was a learning network, to inspire each other, and co-create a roadmap to achieve an integrated sustainable business strategy.


Circular strategies towards net positive

Powered by Sustainable Transformation Center (Ewald Van den Auweland) in cooperation with the University of Antwerp


The AMS Learning Network Circular Strategies will be a catalyst to inspire and empower people and organizations to navigate circular strategies to become a net positive organization.


The shift from linear to circular models not only ensures operational efficiency, but also drives industries toward a net positive future. This learning network heralds this transformative path by inspiring its members with cutting-edge circular strategies and innovative business models.

We will explore the profound value inherent in collaborative knowledge sharing, leveraging diverse insights, and accelerating the adoption of circular strategies. By spotlighting successful case studies and insights from industry, academia, and policymaking, we will unveil tangible impact and help you redefine your business model. 

Membership fees per network per year

Large organizations (>50 MIO revenue per year) 7500 EUR
Mid-sized organizations (10-50 MIO revenue per year) 5000 EUR
Small organizations (<10 MIO revenue per year) and public authorities / governmental departments 3000 EUR


Want to register for multiple learning networks with your organization? Contact Kateryna Podkalenko.

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