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10 Years of Creating Sustainable Careers

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Sustainable Careers

At the launch of the SD Worx Chair ‘Next Generation Work: Creating Sustainable Careers’ in 2011, the question of who was really losing sleep over sustainable careers was still standing. Today, the concept of sustainable careers is well established among policy makers, social partners, employers and employees. The question is no longer whether it is necessary to develop a sustainable career policy, but how best to do so. Together, we examine the dimensions of a sustainable career policy: a policy that really contributes to organizational results and that facilitates sustainable employability.

The guiding principle in our cooperation is the conviction that, to arrive at sustainable solutions for working longer, long-term absenteeism, talent scarcity and employability, we need a different view on careers and labor organization. Our partnership opens up traditional thinking and focuses on initiatives such as career transitions, co-sourcing and flexible talent management. We examine how organizations can organize themselves in a flexible and agile way by optimally deploying talent in a rapidly changing context.

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Let’s set the agenda for Next Generation Work together!

During this celebration in May 2022, chairholder Prof. Dr. Ans De Vos shared her key learnings from a decade of research on sustainable careers.

Lisbeth Imbo hosted a panel on the future of work and careers, together with thought leaders and professionals.
Contributions of international experts, including Stijn Broecke from the OECD and London Business School Professor Lynda Gratton, fed into the panel debates. They offered new ideas that will help you to reframe the COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity to build a better future of work. Discover ways to reconnect employers and workers to close the talent gap: join us in setting the agenda for Next Generation Work!





10 Stories on 10 years of Creating Sustainable Careers

We've highlighted insights from research over the past 10 years that are relevant to build the future of work in a sustainable way. In 10 blog posts, we counted down to the celebration in May 2022, where we brought everything together in the celebration of 10 years of Next Generation Work. Read here what the Chair stands for and what have we learned from 10 years of Next Generation Work research.

Work and careers are a-changin’


‘Flexibility', 'dealing with change' and 'adaptability' have long become part of the jargon of (HR) managers. Today’s labor market shocks make their relevance even more explicit than we may have ever intended.
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The future of work: the impact of digitization and automation


Digitalization, automation and robotization undoubtedly have an impact on job content, job creation and / or job destruction. How can we address this, and how do we prepare for the future?

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Innovations in workplace & organizational design


More and more companies are shutting down offices and allowing their employees to work from home. Hybrid work, or the combination of working from home, at the office or at a third location, is definitely on the rise.
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From 19% to 99% employee engagement?

Visual_4Employers have every interest in keeping employee engagement high. And yet, statistics show that this is very hard. So how can you build and maintain employee engagement?

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The multigenerational workplace: a golden opportunity?


The percentage of older workers is increasing and the mix of young and old is broader than ever. How can we make the most of this shift in age demographics in the workplace?

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Structural deployment of flexible talents


A lot of companies hesitate to work with freelancers. Yet, the importance of freelancers for the job market and within organizations can no longer be underestimated.

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Wanted: (more) flexible career paths


Because of the unpredictable and rapidly changing context, a flexible labor market is more important than ever. The coronavirus crisis, for instance, demonstrated that flexibility was much needed to keep workers employed and to keep organizations up and running.

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How can I develop a sustainable career?


How can organizations facilitate their employees to take control of their careers and hone their skills?


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Social dialogue: creating mutual gains

Visual_9How do we get from a conflict model to sustainable partnership thinking with social partners?


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The human side of HR analytics


What can we learn from big data? And how can this data support us in different areas: learning from current projects, making adjustments, impact measurements, etc.

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About the Chair Next Generation Work: Creating Sustainable Careers

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"Based on scientifically underpinned insights, we offer innovative, creative and sustainable solutions for employers, HR professionals and policy makers." That was our main ambition when we launched a strategic R&D partnership between Antwerp Management School and SD Worx in 2011. A partnership that has meanwhile resulted in the creation of the Next Generation Work team at AMS and the SD Worx Chair in Sustainable Careers.

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Looking back and forward on 10 years on Sustainable Careers

“I am proud to celebrate our 10th anniversary this year and to look back on a learning process that has strengthened me and my team in many areas: a range of applied research projects on topics such as sustainable careers, competencies for the future, work-to-work transitions, and the new way of working – to name but a few. Research resulting in advice and tools to support employers in their HR policies, policy makers in their labor market strategies, and individuals in their career development. I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years will bring.”

Ans De Vos – Holder of the SD Worx Chair Next Generation Work: Creating Sustainable Careers


In partnership with SD Worx

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When the SD Worx Chair ‘Next Generation Work: Creating Sustainable Careers’ was first launched in 2011, it was still unclear whether anyone even cared about sustainable careers. Meanwhile, ‘sustainable careers’ has become an established concept among policy makers, social partners, employers, and employees. Instead of questioning the need for a sustainable career policy, the question is now how to determine the most suitable approach. Together, we are exploring what a sustainable career policy should encompass to truly contribute to organizational results and facilitate sustainable employability.

The guiding principle of our collaboration is the conviction that, to arrive at sustainable solutions for working longer, increasing long-term absenteeism due to sickness, talent scarcity and deployment, we need a different view on careers and labor organization. Our partnership means thinking outside of the box and focusing on initiatives such as career transitions, co-sourcing, and flexible talent management. We investigate how to make organizations flexible and adaptive in a rapidly changing context through optimal talent deployment.