Melexis Endowed Chair of Neuroscience- & Technology- enabled High-Performance Organizations

Leading with the brain in mind


Studying and implementing strategies for the optimization of sustainable, organizational performance, while safeguarding individual and social well-being.

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The Chair aims at demonstrating thought leadership on the path towards sustainable high-performance organizations and well-being. Our mission is to prepare, develop and enable balanced professionals, high-performance teams and organizations, and to contribute to a sustainable society that is profitable, healthy, innovative, and responsible. We will do this through:


Conducting fundamental research on neuroscience-based development of leadership: how to develop paradoxical leadership and ambidextrous organizations? How to strengthen leadership at the top to reconcile disruptive innovation and operational excellence?


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Co-creating company specific research that addresses an organization-specific challenge related to neuroscience and technology-enabled high-performance organizations, like decision-making under pressure, preventing stress and burnout, leadership of big data process implementation, leading global/virtual high-performance teams, integrating artificial intelligence and organizational learning.


Developing leadership programs and products, such as a the NeuroTrainingLab™ (a leadership development center), a neuroscience-based coaching program, and a program to develop high-performance leadership in organizations.

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The NeuroTrainingLab™ is a methodology for the development of leadership competencies, that allows observing leadership behaviors and measuring associated neuro-cognitive activity. Its purpose is to increase EQ, performance and health in professionals by giving contingent, task-based neurofeedback. Participants confront emotionally challenging business situations, interacting with one another and a specially trained actor. Our feedback allows them to test, observe, and improve their responses, arguments, behaviors, and their biometric / EEG activity with underlying leadership competencies.

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Melexis is a global supplier of micro-electronic semiconductor solutions and stands for engineering that enables the best imaginable future - a future which is safe, clean and comfortable. All of these aspects are reflected in the applications that our technology empowers.

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Become a High Performance Organization

The chair’s proposition is unique as it combines neuroscience, organizational behavior research, leadership development practice, (wearable) technology and cross-cultural contexts. It will generate thought leadership on the path towards sustainable high-performance teams and organizations.

Therefore, it aim is to study and optimize performance and well-being in organizations by implementing organizational and individual strategies to ethically collect and systematically study biometrical data, wisely using the data for the benefit of sustainable, organizational performance, while safeguarding individual and social well-being.

As a partner, we guide you on your process to grow into a High Performance Organization via our solid offer.

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“The human species stands on the verge of the 21st century biological and socio-economic revolution driven by the engineering of bodies, brains and minds.”

Yuval Noah Harari, Historian and visionary - 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos

About Steven Poelmans

"Optimizing the functioning of the brain has become relevant for any organizational actor interested in improving individual and organizational performance and health"

Steven Poelmans - Professor Neuroscience & Strategic Leadership

Prof. dr. Steven Poelmans bridges neuroscience and organizational behavior, research and practice, individual and organizational levels of analysis, the dual agenda of productivity and well-being, while ensuring a cross-cultural perspective.

He has been an organizational behavior and leadership professor for over 20 years at business schools in three continents. He has applied neuroscience for leadership research in his NeuroTrainingLab™, collecting and analyzing data of leaders-in-action, while collecting neurophysiologic indicators.

Steven has also trained and certified hundreds of managers and coaches in the Neuroscience of Leadership Academy, helping entrepreneurs in Spain, Chile, Peru, Belgium, and Brazil developing businesses applying neuroscience to leadership.

He has led and participated in various large-scale international collaborative studies in over 26 countries, resulting in publications in Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Organizational Behaviour, Personnel Psychology, and Journal of International Business Studies.

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AMS is watching you: neurotraining for better leadership

“We’re not doing a good job in business schools. We’re pretending to teach leadership to people in a classroom setting, in a peaceful situation, we’re not preparing leaders for the war, right? We’re not doing what we should be doing. Which is creating simulations, role plays for people where we can actually show, where we can actually train, where we can give them feedback so they can develop a behavioral repertoire of how to deal with situations under stress.”

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Do you know your ‘switching cost’ as a leader?

From a neurocognitive point of view, we know that there are 4 paradoxical behaviors that can’t be activated at the same time. For example, you can’t speak and listen at the same time. Even though both are important and complementary.

After having gone through a neurolab, leaders not only get a clear view of their behavior but also of the neurocognitive activity underlying their leadership qualities.

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Prime Foundation Partner Melexis about the yin and yang of high performance and well-being

Melexis develops and produces integrated semiconductor solutions, mainly for the automotive industry. Or as CEO Françoise Chombar puts it: “We make your car smarter, cleaner and more attractive.” Melexis thus wants to contribute to the creation of the best imaginable future. They've been doing this for thirty years and plan on continuing to do so in the coming decades. To keep their organization future-proof, Melexis became prime foundation partner of the Chair ‘High performing organizations driven by neuroscience and technology’.

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