Inspiration Night 2018 – November 29


  • Free event
  • Get inspired by renowned (inter)national experts
  • Choose the session that suits your needs
  • Start to transform yourself as well as your business
  • Meet our faculty and discover our programs
  • Check out our brand new building
  • Chat with interesting persons and enjoy the food


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6.30 p.m. – 7.00 p.m.: Program market with sandwiches & drinks

7.00 p.m - 7.10 p.m: Introduction by Steven De Haes, dean of Antwerp Management School

7.10 p.m. – 7.35 p.m.: Keynote by Ron Meyer, Antwerp Management School and Center for Strategy & Leadership

7.35 p.m. – 8.30 p.m.: 6 ways to transform through innovation – Pick your session

8.30 p.m. – 9.30 p.m.: Program market & network reception

9.30 p.m.: End



Program details

Two keynotes: Steven De Haes & Ron Meyer

De-Haes-StevenSteven De Haes

Transformation is in our DNA

“The word ‘Transformation’ is at the front and center of many business strategies these days. At Antwerp Management School we do not see it as a buzzword, but rather as a complex organizational challenge, which requires an integrated approach towards how we manage organizations and the networks we operate in.  This viewpoint on transformation is embedded in the DNA of our school.  

You can feel it through the innovative learning formats & experiences we deliver and through the insights that we generate and demonstrate in our key domains of expertise. 

I invite you to visit us, to feel our vibe and who knows, to make it your own... But be warned: we tend to open minds and have an impact, so you’d better be ready!” Steven De Haes, dean Antwerp Management School

Ron Meyer zeshoek

Ron Meyer

Keynote Leadership Agility: Developing Your Repertoire of Leadership Styles

“We have entered the Age of Agility in which organizations increasingly need to be flexible and adaptive in quickly responding to the demands of the environment.

But this means that leaders also need to be more agile. In his new book, Leadership Agility, Ron Meyer explains how leaders can increase their nimbleness by improving their repertoire of leadership styles.

He will present an overview of ten pairs of opposite leadership styles and challenge the audience to identify how many they master and how easily than can switch between them.” Ron Meyer, Antwerp Management School and Center for Strategy & Leadership

The workshops

meyer_ron1. Ron Meyer

The Leadership Profiler: Understanding Your Own Leadership Styles

During this breakout session the ten sets of opposite leadership styles are explored in more depth, identifying the strengths and pitfalls of each.

Each participant will have the opportunity to complete a ‘leadership style profiler’ to determine their preferred styles, after which they will discuss ways to become more agile in using these styles.

De-Vos-Ans2. Ans De Vos

'Transforming talent management'

Technological innovations transform the way we work and bring along many opportunities for how, when and by whom work is done. This challenges us to rethink our traditional approaches to talent.

How can you make your talent management fit into a rapidly changing environment, where machines might become faster learners than employees, future competency needs become more difficult to predict, and key talent might no longer be on your organization’s payroll?

De-Cock-Robin3. Robin De Cock

It takes two flints to make a fire: Designing and managing teams for transformation

More and more companies are building “smart” in-house innovation teams that can ignite transformation. However across different companies there are many interpretations of what this “smart” team should look like.

This session builds on recent team research to define guidelines to design and manage teams for transformation.

Molly-Vincent4. Vincent Molly

Tradition, curse or blessing in the future growth of your organization?

Given the tremendous speed of change today, many organizations wonder how they can renew, without radically renouncing their history.

This is what they call ‘innovation through tradition’. In this session we give you insights into how to deal with this in practice by drawing lessons from successful companies that were founded more than 100 years ago.

Lenstra-Remco5. Remco Lenstra

How design thinking can drive your transformation

Any transformation starts with allowing yourself to envision a possible future and determine how you and your company will remain or become relevant in this new context.

Design thinking - a problem solving mindset and methodology based on the designers’ toolbox - is a powerful way to achieve this.

In this inspiration session, Remco Lenstra will illustrate the power of design thinking using examples from the context of healthcare.

Tom Van Woensel6. Tom Van Woensel

Transforming Logistics: from boxes to bits and bytes

There is no doubt that Big Data will soon play a key role in logistics. Becoming familiar with the industry will allow you to identify a few big changes that will become reality in the near future.

We know why logistics will benefit from Big Data. We know what uses have already been thought of. The big question(s) that the industry front-runners have to overcome next is: 'how?'.





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