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The transport and logistics industry is under increasing pressure to provide sustainable solutions to global challenges such as covid-19 and climate change.

To meet this demand, the industry can rely upon the joint Centre for Maritime & Air Transport Management of Antwerp Management School (AMS) and the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Antwerp.

Next to top-notch academic research, we offer future-proof courses on:

  • Research Fundamentals
  • Maritime Transport
  • Air Transport

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Discover our courses in supply chain, transport and logistics

Everything is changing extremely fast. As a professional, you have two options: you either watch it happen and make a few adjustments hoping to survive. Or you can seize the opportunity to steer change and emerge even stronger as a professional and as a person. Our specialization courses of one or two weeks are designed to gear you up with all the necessary skills and knowledge to address current and future challenges.

Research Fundamentals


4 courses of 5 or 10 days - Acquire the necessary skills for setting up and successfully carrying out research projects within the supply chain.

Starts on September 13.

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Maritime Transport


3 courses of 10 days - Gain in-depth insights about managing maritime supply chains.

Starts on January 17.

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Air Transport


3 courses of 10 days - Learn how to address challenges and changes in air transport.

Starts on January 17.

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About the Centre for Maritime & Air Transport Management

Wouter Dewulf

Wouter Dewulf, program director

C-MAT stands for 'Centre for Maritime & Air Transport Management' and joins the forces of Antwerp Management School (AMS) and the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Antwerp. It is one of the world's premier suppliers of highly specialized academic as well as practice-based education and research in transport economics. C-MAT consists of three programs: Research Fundamentals, Maritime Transport and Air Transport.

"In this increasingly connected world, transport and logistics demonstrate on a daily basis its key and indispensable position. Recent events in the Suez Canal or COVID-19 pharma logistics made this even more obvious."

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