Inspiration day 2019

Inspiration Day - March 16, 2019


How you can make a 4.0 version of yourself and your business in today’s changing world of transformation with groundbreaking start-ups, huge sustainability challenges, revolutionary business models, new corporate innovation ideas and exciting career opportunities?

In 6 inspiring sessions, we focus on recent ‘revolutions’ that impact the way we do business and work together:



9.30 - 10.15 am: Program market with pastries & drinks
10.15 - 10.45 am: Keynote by Erwin Verstraelen, CIO of the year 2018, CDIO Port of Antwerp
11.00 - 12.00: 6 recent “revolutions” that impact the way we do business – Pick your session
12.30 pm: End


1 C-level keynote and 6 mind-opening workshops


Erwin Verstraelen (CIO of the Year 2018 & CDIO Port of Antwerp)

How can corporates thrive in an ever-changing technology-driven world. CIO of the year, Erwin Verstraelen discusses the case of Port of Antwerp and gives insights into how corporates can innovate in these times of different disruptions.

CIO of the Year 2018 Erwin Verstraelen



Wayne Visser 

Session 1 - Make your transformation sustainable

Finding innovation synergies to create sustainable transformation

Sustainability is on the agenda of every company nowadays. In this ever changing world, ignoring sustainability could make your business unsustainable.

We demonstrate how a secure, smart, shared, sustainable and satisfying multi-solution approach to innovation can create integrated value, a values dividend and sustainable transformation. Including practical testimonials from key companies.

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Robin De Cock

Session 2 - Embrace the unique power of the start-up

Let’s get together in sweet harmony: How SMEs and corporates can leverage the rising start-up world

This rise of the start-up world has implications for SMEs and corporates as they attract less entrepreneurial talent and instead see how their industries are disrupted by these start-ups.

In this session, we discuss insights on how SMEs and corporates can engage with and leverage the start-up world. At the end of the session, our AMS venture builders present how they support SMEs and corporates in working together with start-ups or in building ventures out of their business ideas. Including practical testimonials from key companies.

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Andries Reymer

Session 3 - Innovation? Yes please! But how?

Reinvent yourself: Building internal innovation capacity

Nowadays, virtually every company’s mission contains the word ‘innovation’. This session provides insights into how you can build internal innovation capacity and leverage the ideas and expertise of your own employees in order to deal with changing environments and new innovation challenges.

One of the companies we’re working with testifies on how they are building innovation capacity under the guidance of AMS. Including practical testimonials from key companies.

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An Cosaert

Session 4 - How new technology can boost new business models

How to surf on the waves of exponential changes in technology and business models

Technology is moving faster than ever before and as a company or entrepreneur it is difficult to catch up with the next big thing.

In this workshop, you learn how to set the pace for change by shooting for Mars and how to use the ongoing exponential changes within digital transformation, industry 4.0… to build an enterprise that is not merely coping but starts realizing its dreams for the future. Including practical testimonials from key companies.

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De Vos Ans

Ans De Vos

Session 5 - Use your human assets to be successful

Talent as a leverage for growth in the gig economy

Entrepreneurs are keen on business models in the fast growing gig economy to transform their ideas into commercial successes.

To realize this, they need a new approach towards human capital that successfully matches a flexible demand for talent with a sustainable workforce strategy. In this session, we build on our research and experiences in the field of flexible talent management to share recent insights into the building blocks of talent management in the gig economy.

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Steven Poelmans

Session 6 - Become the architect of your own career

The protean career architect

In a turbulent world, professionals can no longer rely on companies to build careers for them. They must take their careers into their own hands.

This is especially true for entrepreneurs whose careers and organizational growth cycles are closely intertwined, and who are dealing with blurred boundaries between personal and professional careers. This session looks at how to become the architect of your own personal and professional trajectory. Including practical examples from key companies.

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