Master Class Business Strategy Leadership

Gear up for the C-Suite

Recombine strategy and leadership to create impact

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  • Discover our unique leadership track at the NeuroTrainingLabTM
  • Learn how you can become a better leader and create more balance in your personal life
  • Transform your strategic goals into a set of KPIs and use them in a motivating manner.

  • Identify technology trends that may disrupt your business model.
  • Become part of a challenging learning community
  • Transform your vision into action
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3 ingredients for success

As a future C-level manager, you rely on your extensive experience, proven impact and a specific set of skills. You know that different times and different circumstances call for different approaches. But when it comes to managing your own career, how do you prepare yourself to move up? What abilities and skills should you hone as you strive to reach the next level?

Through the Master Class Business Strategy & Leadership, we will gear you up for future challenges with advanced strategic, digital and leadership skills. The combination of these three components already make for a unique Master Class. On top of that, you also get to unlock your full potential in our exclusive NeuroTrainingLab™.

1. Excellence in Strategy

Leaders provide strategic direction and are capable of mobilizing others to collaborate
and share their dreams. In this module you learn both how to deal with a turbulent
environment and how to balance tensions and paradoxes.

2. Digital

Who initially thought that digitization was just a hype or a trend, knows better
now. Organizations will have to invest in business and IT innovation projects to be able
to extract value from digital transformation.

3. Strategic Leadership &
High Performing Teams

Prepare yourself for the ‘human’ challenges associated with strategic transformation. Go through a leadership development track including assessments, the NeuroTrainingLab and executive coaching.

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Personal leadership track at our NeuroTrainingLabTM

What happens in the brains of successful and less successful leaders? Steven Poelmans, professor of neuroscience & strategic leadership, measures their brain activity and combines the results with feedback from observers in real-life and emotionally challenging business situations. This shows that successful leaders can very quickly switch between diametrically opposed leadership styles. Good news: this is something you can learn.

With this Master Class, you have the opportunity to take neurotraining sessions at the NeuroTrainingLab. Neurotraining is based on the principle of brain plasticity: we can train our brain and change our way of thinking. Thanks to neurotraining we learn to make better, empathic decisions, also, and especially, in times of stress.

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Some reflections from our alumni

Everything I was looking for

BSL Filip

"This Master Class perfectly bridged the gap between self-development and organizational development. Had the program been limited to digital strategy, it wouldn’t have filled my needs. But now I got everything I was looking for, the whole package of digital transformation, business strategy and leadership, combined in one single master class."

Filip Roelandt, Syntra West Group

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A lot more self-confidence


" It's not that we've never done leadership projects within Randstad before, but this Master Class really stands out. The NeuroTrainingLab™ provides you with tools from a totally different angle. Thanks to the feedback and coaching, you can immediately put these into practice. I've gained a lot more self-confidence from this than from any other course I've taken before"."

Inge Van Goubergen, Randstad

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A unique and high-impact experience

BSL Sofie

"The warm welcome, the NeuroTrainingLab™, the in-depth insights, the immediate feedback, the individual coaching sessions, the fellow students from very different backgrounds: they all make for a unique and high-impact experience."

Sofie Brys, KBC Bank & Insurance

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