Master Class Business Strategy Leadership

Recombine strategy and leadership to create impact in a high-performance organization

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  • Embark on a joint journey with our faculty and deliver an effective strategy
  • Discover our unique leadership track at the NeuroTrainingLabTM
  • Transform your strategic goals into a set of KPIs and use them in a motivating manner.

  • Identify technology trends that may disrupt your business model.
  • Accelerate innovation and transformation, both on a personal and organizational level
  • Become part of a challenging learning community
  • Transform your vision into action
  • Register for 1, 2 or 3 modules
  • Starts on 18 November 2020

At the end of this program you are able to effectively develop and implement a solid strategy.

This Master Class focuses on traditional, established organizations that want to recharge themselves, as well as on new innovative companies that want to turn strategy into a continuous process.

This program is aimed at managers who:
  • are prepared to support and guide their organization to the next level of maturity;
  • want to translate new technologies into impact for their
  • have a vision and are looking for ways to bring it into
  • question the status quo of their organization or existing
    management practices and want to be innovative;
  • want to support their organization and give direction to the organization’s strategy;
  • want to give real meaning to the words disruption,
    platform, innovative labor organization, networking, cocreation, etc.

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3 ingredients for success

1. Formulate and execute your strategy


2. Use/implement the right technology and processes

AMS Business Strategy and Leadership Steven De Haes_V6_Youtube


3. Capture the 'human' challenges associated with transformation

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Personal leadership track at our NeuroTrainingLabTM

At our NeuroTrainingLabTM (unique in Belgium), we use a methodology for the development of leadership competencies that allows observing leadership behaviors
and measuring associated neuro-cognitive activity. Its purpose is to increase EQ, performance and health in professionals by providing additional, task-based neurofeedback. Participants confront emotionally challenging business situations, interacting with one another and a specially trained actor.

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