Master Class

Effective Strategy Management

Recombine strategy paradigms to lead transformation journeys with impact.

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  • advance your ability to anticipate and adapt to new forces in the business environment;
  • get to know proven strategy frameworks and tools to co-create, renovate and experiment;
  • learn how to evolve from planning to strategy as a process;
  • make smart strategic choices for your digital transformation roadmap;
  • develop an innovative organization that is ready to thrive in a turbulent environment;
  • learn from faculty and participants, from diversity in our group and from doing.

At the end of this program you are able to 
 effectively develop and implement a solid strategy.

Traditional strategy planning is out! The emergence of platform businesses substitute for traditional distribution channels or pipelines. In some sectors, disruptive powers are at work to completely change the known business dynamics. Borders between sectors are blurring. The emergence of ‘new’ ecosystems enforce new ways of working…

This master class deepens your understanding of strategy management. You learn how to recombine existing and new strategy paradigms to develop and execute strategies with impact.

This program focuses on traditional, established organizations that want to recharge themselves, as well as on new innovative companies that want to make from strategy a continuous process.

Our faculty in Advanced Strategy Management takes you through the process of effectively developing and implementing a strategy. This program was developed to allow you to create sustainable advantage for your company.



This program is an accelerator for renewal and for effective change of your organization as well as for your personal growth.


What can you expect from Advanced Strategy Management?

The participants of Advanced Strategy Management wanted to develop an effective strategy for their organization. During the bootcamp at the end of the program they evaluate how they’ve implemented the tools they’ve learned during the program. The results and personal highlights of Mark, Inge en Sarah are as diverse as the organizations they work for. From a positive exercise with the Board of Governance and convincing the minister of defence to just practically integrating strategy.


Extraordinary learning experience: together with the other participants and the faculty, you form a strong learning community and together you expand your boundaries. You are challenged and explore new paths and insights in this learning community.

Elaborate scientific insights in terms of strategy formulation and execution.

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