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Are you an open-minded person, eager to be in a truly multicultural setting and dreaming of an international career?

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  • Our Master in Global Management has a top rank in the Financial Times Ranking: N°40 in Master in Management worldwide
  • "International" or "Global" is more than just an adjective for us. It’s engrained in the program, from the people in the classroom (on both sides of the desk), to the destinations of our excursions. 
  • Gain the knowledge, managerial skills and business attitude required to enter global businesses and organizations.
  • Prepare yourself for a successful international business career in a wide range of sectors and functions, in a multi­cultural business environment.
  • Develop your global leadership skills: self-awareness, the ability to work collaboratively with others, leadership skills, openness to and respect for different perspectives, multicultural awareness.  

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What is the program about?

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Why follow this program?

A truly international program

  • Students and teachers come from all over the world. This will give you a cross-cultural experience.
  • You get a thorough understanding of all functional aspects of management in the current international business world.
  • The program starts with a retreat on comparative global history and philosophy.
  • You will create global impact and sharpen and train your responsible, creative and analytical mind as a future manager through “Global Impact Projects” helping local initiatives, entrepreneurs, businesses, and people in developing countries or socially disadvantageous environments.
  • International excursions: prepare yourself for 2 European trips and 1 intercontinental trip


Interactive program focusing on skills

This master will equip you with the knowledge, managerial & social skills and cultural competencies that are required to enter global businesses and organizations. 

Because of the cultural diversity of our students and the international character of our teachers, you will learn how to cope with the complexities of international business communications.

This master will also help you in becoming an effective team player: working in teams on different cases and projects will make you aware of own strengths, individually and in a team.

Throughout the entire year you will be extensively coached on leadership skills.


This program gives you hands-on business experience in an international context:

You will dive into real-life case studies about strategic problems, participate in workshops, business games and practical assignments.

You will get a hands-on business experience by choosing an in-company project to apply what you have learned. For this project you will be working on an international business case within a real company, providing workable solutions for their business.


Global Leadership Skills (GLS)

At AMS you embark on a personal development journey through which you will grow as a person and future leader. With the GLS track, we challenge and coach you to become more aware of who you are, how you cooperate with others, and what kind of career you want to pursue.

We will support you in understanding your strengths and needs, and defining your areas for growth. We will coach you in developing your leadership skills. 

Global Leadership Skills development is more than a ‘nice to have’, it is a basic prerequisite for career success and recruiters will be assessing this when you apply for a job. Today’s employers are looking for an impressive set of soft skills when selecting young graduates. These include: self-awareness, the ability to work collaboratively with others, leadership skills, the capacity to adapt to new situations and to develop new skills, openness to and respect for different perspectives, multicultural awareness, and long-term and system thinking, to name just a few.

This course aims to support you in developing these skills and in finding a match between who you are and what the world of employment needs; between your career ambitions and what employers are looking for.



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Disclaimer: This video was filmed before the COVID-19 pandemic and before social distancing rules.


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