Integrated Value - The Aspirational Goal of Purpose-Inspired Organisations Briefing, No 2.

Briefing No 2.

Integrated value is a relatively recent concept to signal a necessary shift to the next stage of maturity for corporate responsibility and sustainable business.

Integrated value has not emerged in a vacuum. It acknowledges and builds on many other pioneering concepts that have come before it. Yet it is also distinct from these.

The focus on value creation is important, since this is a concept that business understands well. The word intuitively conveys that we are talking about a strategic practice – something at the heart of an organization’s purpose, rather than a peripheral activity or support function (which, unfortunately, CSR and sustainability has remained, more often than not). But value for who? And measured how? This is where integration becomes important. There are five levels of integrated value.
Author: Dr. Prof. Wayne Visser

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