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Every month, Professor Ron Meyer presents a new management model in a brief and accessible way to spark your thinking around topics such as strategy, organization, leadership, innovation and change. Make sure you receive them all by registering for our newsletter!

Model 1: Mind the gap

Context: Change Management

Which challenges do I likely face if I try to
implement big changes in my organization?

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Ron_Meyer_ Mind the gap_v1_youtube

Model 2: Digital Platform Map

Context: Digital Strategy

What is a digital platform and can one emerge in my industry?

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Ron_Meyer_ Digital platform map_v1_youtube

Model 3: Interaction Pressure Gauge

Context: Interpersonal Interaction

How much pressure should I exert when talking to

model 3

Model 4: Revenue Model Framework

Context: Revenue Model Typology

What are the different ways my company can
generate income?

model 1

Model 5: House of Engagement

Context: Organizational Engagement

Which factors can contribute to higher engagement
in my company?

model 1

Model 6: Confidence Quotient

Context: Trust Building

What determines how much confidence people have
in me?

model 1

Model 7: Competition Tornado

Context: Competitive Strategy

How is competition evolving in my industry and how
can I respond to it?

model 1

Model 8: 11C Synergy Model

Context: Corporate Synergy Management

How can I organize synergies across units in my

model 1

Model 9: Leadership Fairness Framework

Context: Leadership-Follower Interaction

What determines whether people feel I am treating
them fairly?

model 1

Model 10: Strategic Agility Model

Context: Strategy Process Approach

How can I develop strategy in a volatile, uncertain,
complex and ambiguous world?

model 1

Model 11: The Control Panel

Context: Corporate Control Dimensions

How can I control what people in my company do?

model 1

Model 12: Virtuous & Vicious Teams

Context: Team Dynamics

How much pressure should I exert when talking to

model 1

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About Ron Meyer

Ron is professor of Strategic Leadership at Antwerp Management
School, as well as at TIAS in the Netherlands. He is also Managing
Director of the Center for Strategy & Leadership.
Since writing Mapping the Mind of the Strategist in 2007, Ron has
been fascinated by how managers struggle to make sense of the
complexity around them. He is convinced that insightful models
are essential for managers to tame complexity and take informed