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Contact Jan Beyne for more information on content, practical details and price: jan.beyne@ams.ac.be or +32 (0)475 469 872.


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” - Einstein

In 2015, the world’s nations adopted 17 ambitious global goals (the UN Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs). Progress to date has been slow and it is unlikely that the Goals will be met without significant innovation.


With this program, we want to introduce you to the latest thinking and tools on sustainable transformation, meaningful innovation, exponential thinking, design thinking, rapid prototyping and change agency to enable you to translate your own organization’s SDG ambitions into programs of innovation.


Sustainable innovation action plan for your organization

Besides being exposed to leading edge thinking on sustainable innovation, you will have the opportunity to bring your own organizational challenges to work on (collaboratively and individually) during the program, using tried and tested methods, tools and techniques. As a result, you will take back an individual sustainable innovation action plan to your organization. You will also benefit from the experience of others on the course and establish a peer-group that can serve as an ongoing support network around innovating for the SDGs.


“Without leading-edge innovation thinking and practice, the SDGs will be as effective as moving brightly-colored chairs around on the Titanic while the orchestra plays a haunting requiem” - Prof. Dr Wayne Visser, Chair in Sustainable Transformation




Day 1

Innovation concepts: Sustainable transformation, integrated value, exponential readiness, design thinking
  • Sustainable transformation for the SDGs (positive futures, integrated value, meaningful innovation, purposeful leadership)
  • Integrated value (new business models, innovation synergies that are secure, smart, shared, sustainable, satisfying)
  • Systems thinking
  • Exponential thinking (a way of change, a leverage for growth, a workable mindset for adopting and integrating technology)
  • Strategic Design thinking (Turning ambition into action, Planning transformation rollout) 


Day 2

Innovation practices: Visits to sustainable innovation companies, innovation incubators, collaborative networks
  • Site visits and presentations with a technology innovator, an innovation hub and new business model cluster (e.g. circular economy)
  • SDG design thinking and rapid prototyping workshop, applying innovation to an SDG challenge on a project level

Day 3

SDG action: Applying innovation concepts to participants’ own SDG challenges
  • Change agency (change models, social innovators, sustainability leadership, changemakers)
  • Exercise to apply learning to each participant’s SDG challenge, resulting in an action plan, presented to course peers for feedback and improvement



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