AMS is reopening its campus

We are looking forward to welcoming you in a safe environment.


AMS is a dynamic community of international students, faculty, staff, and partners. Protecting their health and safety remains our top priority, as well as the well-being of our society in general. The only effective way to do so is to minimize the risk of transmission.

That is why we strictly follow federal and local safety regulations. On top of that, we apply a specific protocol based on a pandemic matrix drawn up by VLIR (the Flemish Interuniversity Council) with concrete safety measures for each of the four pandemic levels indicated by the color codes green, yellow, orange, and red specific for education.

The allocation of the color code for education is determined in joint consultation between the Risk Assessment Group (RAG), the Flemish Ministry of Education, the Antwerp provincial government and the mayor of the city of Antwerp.

The AMS campus will only be shut down when the Antwerp region is given a code red. In case of code yellow or orange, the campus will remain open for educational activities.

As from Saturday October 24th on the color code is: ORANGE.

The number of COVID-19 infections in our society and the pressure on our healthcare institutions are increasing at a worrying rate. In line with the strengthening of the measures announced by the federal government on October 16 and 23, 2020, as a business school we want to take our responsibility at all times and make a priority of the safety and health of our AMS community and our society. Therefore, AMS will switch from code yellow (low transmition risk) to code orange (systematic transmition risk) as from Saturday October 24th.

The most recently announced rules for higher education as set out by the Belgium Federal Government on October 23rd, require that not more than 20% of the classroom capacity is occupied. For our programs, this would imply that only a small number of students can be in the classroom at once. And most importantly, we have a great responsibility to bear in terms of maximally containing the risk of infections, for our students, faculty and staff.
Taking all factors into consideration, we have decided that all programs shift to ONLINE learning from Saturday October 24th onwards. We have not taken this decision lightly, but came to this conclusion after carefully balancing the genuine care for our students and for our colleagues. The new government rules, and therefore these AMS measures, are in effect until November 19th. We commit to keeping you well informed and promise to re-evaluate the situation as the next weeks progress, in line with the government’s decisions.

As from October 24th the following measures apply:

The campus remains open for students only if a faculty member wishes to invite students on campus for an intervention, coaching, debriefing or other activity with a limited number of students. It is only possible to enter the campus, provided that:

  • Students received an invite from faculty/staff
  • The respective program manager is informed
  • A room is booked and maximum room capacity of 20% is not exceeded
  • Students wear face masks at all times
  • All basic measures applied in code yellow  (see below) are followed


  • No non-essential third parties are allowed on campus
  • Only essential educational activities are allowed to take place on campus
  • Cross-cohort activities between different programs are neither allowed on campus nor residential and will be replaced by online alternatives if possible
  • Events and company visits as part of your program are not allowed and will be replaced by online alternatives if possible

We are constantly monitoring the situation and we will adjust measures as necessary. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact corona@ams.ac.be .

In case you test positive for COVID-19, we ask you to contact covid.alert@ams.ac.be as soon as possible. In case you had a high-risk contact or you have symptoms, please contact your program manager.

Update: October 23, 2020

Safety and hygiene are our highest priority. Each and every one of us is jointly responsible and contributes to the well-being of the AMS community and society through appropriate behavior. Together we strive to create an environment in which low risk contacts are the starting point. In this way, we can help to prevent the spread of the virus.