All AMS activities can take place on campus

All campus visitors  are asked to register at the reception. In case you test positive for COVID-19, we ask you to contact covid.alert@ams.ac.be as soon as possible.

AMS is a dynamic community of international students, faculty, staff, and partners. Protecting their health and safety remains our top priority, as well as the well-being of our society in general. The only effective way to do so is to minimize the risk of transmission.

Thanks to everyone's efforts, AMS is a safe environment. So far, COVID-19 has not been transmitted on campus. All activities on campus and within the learning pathway are done according to high safety standards.

That is why we strictly follow federal and local safety regulations. On top of that, we apply the specific protocol drawn up by VLIR (the Flemish Interuniversity Council) in joint consultation with the Flemish Ministry of Education.

Specific COVID-19 information for students is available here.